Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

The Ultimate Guide to Best Fashion Affiliate Programs in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Best Fashion Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs are a lucrative opportunity for online marketers to team up with fashion brands and earn commissions by promoting their products.

In 2024, best fashion affiliate programs like Zappos, ASOS, Nike, KOIO, NET-A-PORTER, and Urban Outfitters offer competitive commission rates, diverse product ranges, and attractive incentives.

Each program caters to different target markets and niches, providing ample opportunities for affiliate marketers to maximize their earnings.

Whether you’re interested in luxury sneakers, trendy apparel, or high-end fashion, there’s a perfect fashion affiliate program waiting for you.

What is the Fashion Affiliate Program?

A Fashion Affiliate Program is an organized way for companies and brands in the fashion industry to team up with online marketers like yourself. They provide you with special links called “affiliate links” that you can smoothly add to your blog or other online platforms to showcase their products.

When your audience clicks on these unique links and makes a purchase from the company’s website, you earn a commission for those sales. It’s like being a trendsetter in fashion and getting rewarded for every follower you inspire with your style tips!

Each program has its criteria for joining. Some are quite welcoming, while others may require a certain level of engagement from your followers. But don’t worry! There’s a perfect program out there for every fashion-forward affiliate marketer.

You must consider your niche and target audience to find the right brand to partner with.

6 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs
Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Creating a successful fashion affiliate program can revolutionize how brands connect with their audience. Offering competitive commissions to fashion influencers and creators can turn engaging content into a powerful sales engine.

The trick is to showcase trendy products that appeal to your audience, encourage email signups, and grow your affiliate’s contact list.

Here are some of the top fashion affiliate programs:

  • Zappos Affiliate Program
  • ASOS Affiliate Program
  • Nike Affiliate Program
  • KOIO Affiliate Program
  • NET-A-PORTER Affiliate Program
  • Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

1: Zappos Affiliate Program

Zappos Affiliate Program
Zappos Affiliate Program

Check out the details of the Zappos Affiliate Program:

  • Affiliate Network / Software: CJ Affiliate, Skimlinks, FlexOffers, Cuelinks
  • Commission Rates: 7% (CJ Affiliate), 10% (Skimlinks), 6% (FlexOffers), 5.25-6.3% (Cuelinks)
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days (CJ Affiliate), Not specified (Skimlinks, Cuelinks), 15 days (FlexOffers)
  • Target Market: United States

Back in 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos for a whopping $1.2 billion. Since then, Zappos has grown from just a footwear retailer to offering eyewear, apparel, accessories, and bags. By 2015, they were raking in around $2 billion in yearly revenue.

Zappos is a household name for many, known for its wide range of products.

But when should you choose to promote Zappos over Amazon?

Most affiliates we’ve reviewed tend to focus on promoting Zappos for its flagship product: shoes. This choice is justified because Zappos offers a higher commission, ranging from 7-10%, compared to Amazon’s 4% cap on shoe sales. Additionally, Zappos’ cookie duration is generous at 30 days through CJ Affiliate.

If you’re interested in promoting brands like Nike, UGG, Vans, Clarks, and more, Zappos has you covered with over 1,300 brands to choose from.

The Zappos affiliate program boasts an impressive average order value (AOV) of $150. With a 7% commission rate, this translates to an average commission of around $10.50 per sale.

Lastly, Zappos’ customer-friendly policies, including free shipping and returns, can reassure your audience and boost their confidence in making purchases.

2: ASOS Affiliate Program

ASOS Affiliate Program
ASOS Affiliate Program

Introducing the ASOS Affiliate Program: Your Fashion Partner in Success!

  • Affiliate Network / Software: Rakuten, Sovrn, Cuelinks, FlexOffers
  • Commission Rates: Varies (Rakuten, Sovrn, Cuelinks, FlexOffers)
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days (Rakuten, FlexOffers), Not specified (Sovrn, Cuelinks)
  • Target Market: Global (Rakuten), AU (Rakuten), US (Rakuten), Global (Sovrn), UK, US, CN, MY, SG, TH, IN (Cuelinks), NZ, AU, US (FlexOffers)

ASOS, a UK-based fast fashion icon founded in 2000, soared to £3.26 billion in revenue in 2020. They further expanded their empire in 2021 by acquiring Topshop, Topman, and Miss Selfridge.

Our analysis shows that ASOS stands tall as one of Europe’s most sought-after fashion affiliate programs.

As an affiliate, you can showcase a diverse range of products including shoes, clothing, makeup, and more, catering to various budget ranges. Highlighting ASOS’s 10% student discount and the ASOS outlet for discounted items can be a hit with your audience.

ASOS’s allure extends with its Premier Delivery program, offering next-day shipping on all purchases for just £9.95 annually—a steal compared to Amazon Prime!

For maximum earnings, focus on attracting new customers to ASOS. You can earn up to 6% commission when a first-time shopper you refer makes a purchase.

Keep in mind, like many fashion affiliate programs, ASOS offers reduced rates for coupon and cashback sites (up to 3% instead of 6%).

3: Nike Affiliate Program

Nike Affiliate Program
Nike Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Network / Software: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission Rates: 11% to 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 07 days
  • Target Market: United States

Nike, Inc., known as NIKE, is an American powerhouse in athletic footwear and apparel. Their headquarters sit close to Beaverton, Oregon, USA, making them a key player globally. They hold the title of the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, not to mention a significant role in sports equipment, bringing in over US$46 billion in revenue for the fiscal year 2022.

Back in the day, on January 25, 1964, Nike started as “Blue Ribbon Sports” thanks to Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. They officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971, deriving their name from Nike, the Greek goddess synonymous with victory. Under their umbrella, you’ll find various brands like Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, and iconic lines like Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, and Air Max. They’ve also had ownership of big names like Air Jordan and Converse, showcasing their broad reach in the market.

Besides creating top-notch sportswear and gear, Nike runs retail stores under the Niketown banner. Their impact extends to sponsorship deals with renowned athletes and teams worldwide, backed by their famous slogans “Just Do It” and the recognizable Swoosh logo.

As of 2020, Nike had a massive global workforce of 76,700 individuals. Their brand value soared to over $32 billion in 2020, marking them as the most valuable in the sports industry. This growth has been evident since 2017 when their brand value was already at $29.6 billion. Their achievements also reflected in rankings, with Nike securing the 89th spot in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by revenue.

4: KOIO Affiliate Program

KOIO Affiliate Program
KOIO Affiliate Program

Introducing the KOIO Affiliate Program: Elevate Your Sneaker Game!

  • Affiliate Network / Software: Pepperjam, CJ Affiliate, Skimlinks, Yazing, Sovrn
  • Commission Rates: 8% base commission, 15% for selected publishers with a 14-day cookie duration (Pepperjam), 10% for all sales (CJ Affiliate), 15% for all purchases (Skimlinks), 2% (Yazing), (Sovrn)
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days (Pepperjam, CJ Affiliate), Not specified (Skimlinks, Yazing, Sovrn)
  • Target Market: United States

KOIO stands out as a luxury sneaker brand crafting exquisite men’s and women’s sneakers from premium Italian leather. Their target audience comprises individuals aged 25-34 earning over $124,000 annually.

If this resonates with your audience, the KOIO Affiliate Program could be a perfect match for you.

Their sneakers range from $300-400 per pair, translating to a base commission of around $28 per sale.

For top-tier content creators, KOIO offers an impressive 15% commission, boosting your earnings to $52 per sale for qualifying publishers. However, note that this comes with a shorter 14-day cookie duration, so keep an eye on your conversion window to maximize your potential sales.

KOIO also provides a list of recommended keywords to target for promoting their products, such as leather sneakers, luxury sneakers, Italian sneakers, men’s and women’s leather sneakers, and high-end sneakers.

These insights should give you a clear picture of whether the KOIO Affiliate Program aligns well with your niche and audience.

5: NET-A-PORTER Affiliate Program

NET-A-PORTER Affiliate Program
NET-A-PORTER Affiliate Program

Introducing the NET-A-PORTER Affiliate Program: Your Gateway to Luxury Fashion!

  • Affiliate Network / Software: Rakuten, Sovrn
  • Commission Rates: 6% on most products, 4% on beauty, 3% on sale (Rakuten), 4% depending on publisher (Sovrn)
  • Cookie Duration: 14 days (Rakuten), Not specified (Sovrn)
  • Target Market: Global

NET-A-PORTER revolutionized online designer shopping since its inception in 2000, and its acquisition in 2018 valued it at over $6.4 billion.

It’s no surprise that NET-A-PORTER is a favorite among luxury fashion bloggers, consistently earning top spots as one of the most-linked retailers.

For affiliates eyeing Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace products, this program is a goldmine with an extensive selection, including generous sale offerings.

Keep in mind that commissions for sale items usually dip. With NET-A-PORTER, expect a 3% commission instead of the standard 6% on discounted items.

Luxury watch enthusiasts will also find a haven here, as both NET-A-PORTER and its menswear counterpart MR PORTER feature Cartier watches for both men and women.

Pro Tip: NET-A-PORTER runs a private program on Rakuten, but you can also jump on board through Sovrn without additional approval, albeit at a slightly lower commission rate.

6: Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program
Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

Introducing the Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program: Your Passport to Trendy Lifestyle!

  • Affiliate Network / Software: Rakuten, Skimlinks, Sovrn, FlexOffers, MyLead
  • Commission Rates: 2% base commission for US customers (Rakuten), 1.5% base commission for UK customers (Rakuten), 1-6% (Skimlinks), 10% (Skimlinks), (Sovrn), 1.6% (FlexOffers), 4.8% (MyLead)
  • Cookie Duration: 1 day (Rakuten), 30 days (Rakuten), Not specified (Skimlinks, Sovrn, FlexOffers, MyLead)
  • Target Market: US (Rakuten), UK (Rakuten), US (Skimlinks), UK, DE, GR, NL, ES, BE (Skimlinks), Global (Sovrn), Global (FlexOffers), Global (MyLead)

Urban Outfitters isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle phenomenon with a global presence spanning the US, UK, Europe, and the UAE. With nearly 250 physical stores and a workforce of around 24,000, it’s a force to reckon with in the retail world.

As part of the URBN family, Urban Outfitters shares its umbrella with Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly. Many of the brands you see at Urban Outfitters are in-house creations under various labels.

While starting commissions range from 1.5-2%, which varies based on location, there’s room for negotiation. However, the 1-day cookie duration might pose a challenge in generating a high volume of sales.

One standout feature of this program is its weekly affiliate newsletter, packed with deals you can share with your audience. Urban Outfitters also provides a product feed and creative materials to enhance your website’s appeal.

Choosing the Right Fashion Affiliate Programs

Choosing the right fashion affiliate programs can be a daunting task given the plethora of options available. To streamline our selection process and curate a top-notch list, we considered several key criteria:

  1. Earning Potential: Our focus was on programs offering high commission rates, ensuring you earn more per sale. For example, Newchic offers an impressive 18% commission, while SHEIN goes up to 20%. We also sought programs with additional perks like bonuses for top performers and special discount codes, enhancing your overall earnings.
  2. Variety of Niches and Audiences: We included programs catering to different niches and styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone. ASOS appeals to younger, trend-focused audiences, while Browns Fashion targets luxury shoppers. Brands like Zappos offer a wide range of products, from shoes to clothing, catering to diverse tastes.
  3. Trustworthiness and Brand Recognition: We prioritized programs from well-known brands with a solid industry reputation, such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters. Partnering with trusted brands builds credibility with your audience, leading to more sales and fewer returns.
  4. Features for Sales Growth: We looked for programs with features like deep linking, customizable banners, detailed analytics, regular newsletters, and dedicated support. These tools empower you to optimize your promotions and maximize commissions.
  5. Longevity and Customer Satisfaction: Programs with a track record of longevity indicate a commitment to affiliates and lasting partnerships. We also considered customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot to gauge satisfaction levels.

After careful consideration of these factors, we curated a list of the best fashion affiliate programs that offer high earning potential, relevance to various niches, trusted brands, and sales-enhancing features.

Why Choose Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion and clothing affiliate programs offer numerous benefits, making them an attractive niche for affiliates:

  1. High Order Values: Promoting high-ticket items like designer fashion can lead to substantial earnings per sale, even with lower commission rates.
  2. Diverse Sub-Niches: Fashion encompasses a wide range of sub-niches, allowing you to find a profitable area that resonates with your audience.
  3. Seasonal Opportunities: Timely promotions aligned with seasonal trends can boost sales and commissions.
  4. Influencer Marketing Potential: Fashion’s visual nature makes it ideal for influencer marketing, leveraging social proof to drive affiliate earnings.
  5. Complementary to Other Niches: Fashion programs can integrate seamlessly with related niches like beauty, lifestyle, or travel.
  6. Evergreen Content: Creating evergreen content around fashion topics ensures consistent traffic and ongoing affiliate sales.

In essence, the fashion niche offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliate success by staying attuned to trends, partnering with reputable brands, and crafting engaging content.


Q1: What is a Fashion Affiliate Program?

Fashion Affiliate Programs are partnerships between fashion brands and online marketers. Marketers promote the brand’s products using unique affiliate links and earn commissions for each sale generated through those links.

Q2: How do I join a Fashion Affiliate Program?

You can join a Fashion Affiliate Program by signing up through the brand’s affiliate network or website. Requirements may vary, but typically, you need an online platform where you can promote products.

Q3: What are the benefits of joining a Fashion Affiliate Program?

Joining a Fashion Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions, expand your audience, access promotional materials, and monetize your fashion-related content.

Q4: Can I join multiple Fashion Affiliate Programs?

Yes, you can join multiple Fashion Affiliate Programs as long as you comply with their terms and effectively manage promotions for different brands.

Q5: How do I promote Fashion Affiliate Programs effectively?

Promote Fashion Affiliate Programs effectively by creating engaging content, utilizing various marketing channels, offering value to your audience, building relationships, and optimizing your strategies based on performance data.

Q6: What are the potential earnings from Fashion Affiliate Programs?

Earnings from Fashion Affiliate Programs vary based on commission rates, product prices, audience engagement, and promotional efforts. With effective marketing, you can earn a substantial income.

Q7: Are Fashion Affiliate Programs suitable for beginners?

Yes, Fashion Affiliate Programs can be suitable for beginners with proper research, planning, and execution. They provide a straightforward way to monetize fashion-related content.


The Ultimate Guide to Best Fashion Affiliate Programs in 2024 provides a comprehensive overview of the lucrative opportunities available for online marketers in the fashion industry.

From top brands like Zappos, ASOS, Nike, KOIO, NET-A-PORTER, and Urban Outfitters to understanding the mechanics of fashion affiliate programs, this guide equips affiliate marketers with valuable insights to maximize their earnings.

In conclusion, the fashion niche offers a wealth of opportunities for affiliate success, and this guide serves as a roadmap for affiliate marketers to navigate and thrive in the dynamic world of fashion affiliate programs in 2024 and beyond.

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